Andrew has been a great source of knowledge regarding podcasting. He has gone the extra mile by providing assistance outside of the tendered contract.

Ray Tan,

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Technology Consulting

Axe New Media will help you get the most out of digital technology, whether that's from Audio and Video equipment through to the latest in IT and home computers.

If you're struggling to understand the latest digital TV and video products we can call and help you get the equipment set up the right way and explain how to use it. We can calibrate most new LCD or Plasma TV's to get the most from your home cinema system.
Computer running slow or not even starting up? We can call around and carry out a range of diagnostics to find out why your PC is playing up and advise you of the best solution to sort out your problem.
Are you a small business with 3 or more PC's and forever loosing files and documents? Speak to us about how you could benefit from centralising all of your files in one place on your network.
Our consultations start at only £20 per hour so we can help you get the most from your technology for very little cost and we might even be able to reduce your costs.